Velipojë (Albania)

Velipoja beach and its curative sand

Velipoja is a famous beach in Albania for the quality of its curative sand. Close by, is the lagoon of Viluni and the alluvial island of Franc Joseph, located in the proximity of the mouth of Buna, all representing particularly attractive ecosystem for those interested in ecotourism and nature lovers in general.

Velipoja is the biggest beach in the north of Albania and except the habitants of the North, lastly is visited even by Albanian people who live in Kosovo and Montenegro. They find many reasons to come at Velipoja beach, every summer already.

The beach has not only natural beauties but also many hotels and rent apartments with very convenient prices and comfortable contemporary conditions. Lastly Velipoja has been under constructing works which makes it more favorable for vacationers. The centre of the beach is larger and cleaned from old ugly buildings, and the street is reconstructed along the beach arriving next to the Viluni lagoon.

By choosing Velipoja, for your vacation, means you are doing a great healthy gift to yourself, because of the curative sand, fresh air and green area that surrounds its shore.

What you can visit to Velipoja!?

In recent years, Velipoja has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. It is known for the clean sea, curative sand, lagoon with a variety of creatures, dense forest vegetation, magnificent mountain, river Buna and the hospitality characteristic of local residents. The history of Velipoja is ancient. Numerous historical facts, as archeological findings point to the population of this area since the early periods.

Although it is well known for its features, Velipoja remains a mystical place of rare natural beauty and has now become the center of thousands of tourists, who visit throughout the year and especially during the summer season. Once you approach the beach of Velipoja you immediately feel the smell of iodine to its curative sand, wich marks out this beach from others. Many visitors come to Velipoja precisely to exploit this quality, but wihtout forgetting to visit other natural beauties of this area too. It is waiting for you to explore!

Velipoja sandy beach lies at a length of 14 km, starting from the estuary of Buna and to the place called Rana e Hedhun. However, only a part of this beach is used today by tourists who visit it during the summer. This beach is among the best known in Albania for its beauty, crystalline water, broad sandy strip for qaulities anbd local hospitality. Velipoja Beach offers relax and fun in the sun for three summer moonths. Water sports and entertainment in the sands are activities that give vitality to the beach during the summer season. In Velipoja there are several hotels and residential centers for vacationers. The total capacity is about 35 000 beds and each year about 200 000 tourists relax in the season.

 In Velipoja your vacation will not be a routine. Near the lagoon of Vilun you can have lunch at a pleasant picnic with your family under the pinies that offer freshness, listening the birds singing and enjoying the view wich offers the lagoon of Vilun and numerous migratory birds.

Another particular of Velipoja is its National Park. A green and relaxing space, wich provides a direct contact with nature. Under the shadow of high trees and surroundings of diverse vegetation you will have the opportunity to observe nature and its beauty. You will also find a world rich in mammals and birds that populate Velipoja’s beautiful park. For all the lovers of walking in nature, Velipoja’s National Park offers a fascinating adventure in fresh air, where you will find yourself immersed in a green oasis of sensations, colors and relaxing.

Buna River is the northern border of Velipoja beach. An ideal place for fishing lovers, who will have the opportinity to spend a wonderful time showing their fishing skills. In the flowing waters of Buna you can fish different types of freshwater fish such as: trout, crap, etc. As well as hunting birds or rabbits is another way of entertainment for hunting lovers.


There are plenty of surprises for young people. Nightlife in Velipoja is animated with the opening of disco-clubs wich operate throughout the night. Young people gather for fun in night clubs until late at night enjoying the freshness of summer evenings, drinks and music performed by domestic familiar singer and foreing ones. For elderly, the evening offers quiet walks near the coast or enjoyable restaurant food often accompanied with live music from guest artists.

During summer, many artists and singers come to Velipoja to perform in their concerts, creating a festive atmposphere for vacationers. During these nights you have the possibility to follow the modern and folk music, dancing and enjoying like you never did. There will be also invited humorist performers and other art people whi will create a variety of colorful art.

Outdoor walks are part of the morning or evening entertainment. You can explore the nayure in Velipoja’s National Park, visit the lagoon of Vilun, estuary of Buna or Rana e Hedhur. For those who want to keep fit, can climb the mountain Maja e Zeze to feel the fresh air and observe the scenic view from above.

You can enjoy a range of activities in the crystalline water of Velipoja. Underwater diving and swimming are among the most favorite water sports, but you can also go cycling or boating or do other sports that will enhance the pleasure of your vacation at the beach. Sea shore is shallow giving you the opportunity to develop different games and spending hours in the pleasant sea freshness. During the summer in Velipoja is organized the Championship of Beachvolley, wich offers a very pleasant entertaniment for vacationers. But you can also practice your own sports in specifically created areas.

And your holidays will be filled with other pleasures that will be an unforgettable experience for you. From Velipoja beach you can visit the historic city of Shkodra, Shkodra’s Lake, Rozafa Castle and the Castel of Kruja, one of the most important in region. Local tourist operators have prepared attractive tour packages for you. 

Location and Climate

Velipoja is located in Shkodra district and is about 25 km or 30 minutes by car away from city center. Velipoja is Albania’s northern beach and is bordered to the north with Buna river wich also serves as boundery to Montenegro. The climate of Velipoja is Mediterranean with mild and wet winters and hot and dry summers. Winter temperatures reach up to 6-7 degrees Celsius and in summer they reach up to 38-40 degrees Celsius. The climate is favorable for the development of subtropical plants, typical for the Mediterranean countries.


Velipoja has a number of restaurants with picturesque views of nature and the sea, where you can try different cuisine: Albanian cuisine, Italian cuisine and the cuisine of different countries of the Balkan. The products are organic and come immediately from fishing or from villages part of the Municipality of Velipoja. Having a very suitable nature for agricultural cultivation and rearing of animals, local products are very delicious in cooking and are grown without chemicals. Prices in these restaurants are competitive and suit to all budgets.

How to go to Velipoja?

If you are in your vehicle, enter the motorway Tirane – Shkoder and 30 km before entering Shkodra you turn left and in 30 minutes you will reach the Velipoja beach. For tourist coming from Kosovo it passes from Morine – Kukes, Rreshen – Laç and enters the motorway Tirane – Shkoder. For tourists coming from Gjakove the itinerary is Gjakove – Tropoje – Koman (traget) – Vau i Dejes – motorway Tirane-Shkoder and then the above itinerary to Velipoja. If you come by plane at Rinas Airport, take the road to Fushkruje, enter the motorway Tirane – Shkoder and follow the routes as above. If you come by boat from the port of Durres enter the motorway Durres-Tirane. Once you arrive at Vora you get to Fushkruje and then follow the same road as above. To move within the cities of Albania you can use the private transport, bus, van or taxi. There are fixed fees for each destination. You can also rent a car in the city of Shkodra.

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