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Saranda from Tirana

The city of Saranda is located along the Ionian coast,

Vlora from Tirana

Vlora is an old city founded in the sixth century

Korca from Tirana

The city of Korça is one of the largest and

Kruja from Tirana

Kruja is just 32 km away from Tirana and very

Durrës from Tirana

Mentioned by the Roman poet Katulus as “The Adriatic tavern”,

Berat from Tirana

Old town Berati - also called city of a thousand

Gjirokastra from Tirana

The city of Gjirokastra is part of the UNESCO World

Shkodra and Kruja day tour from Tirana

Shkodra is the most important town of north Albania and

Shkodra from Tirana

Shkodra is located in northwest Albania, near the lake with

Ardenica and Apollonia from Tirana

Begin your tour by driving towards the city of Fier.

Durres and Kruja day tour from Tirana

Durres is one of Albania's oldest cities, the country's main

Tour of Tirana

On your way you’ll discover interesting buildings and monuments.

Highlights of Tirana in 4 hours

On your way you’ll discover interesting buildings and monuments.