Day tour of Korca, Pogradec and Ohrid Lake from Tirana

  • Duration :
  • 11 Hours
Tour Details

During this day tour in the Southeast of Albania, you will be able to experience the diversity of History, Culture, and beautiful nature. Probably it has traditionally been the are with the most diversity of the population, ethnic groups and a huge variety of food and rich culture of Winemaking in centuries.

What to Expect
Day tour of Korca, Pogradec and Ohrid Lake from Tirana
This Day tour of Korca, Pogradec, and Ohrid Lake is built to offer the best combinations of driving and walking at an easy level for everyone. During the tour, we will be able to cover the most of highlights of every city including free time and lunch stop.

    Walking City Tour of Korca
    Short Visit in Tushemisht
    Exploring Drilon
    City tour of Pogradec

Day tour of Korca, Pogradec and Ohrid Lake
First Stop – Tirana to Korca Old Bazaar
Leaving Tirana at 8:00 we will be headed toward southeast Albania for our first stop, Korca. Located close to the border with Greece, Korca is one of the most important cultural sites of Albania. Highly known for its First Albanian School, it has also been an important trading center. We will go into the traces of the Old Bazaar of the city. Newly renovated, this district has returned to the city the previews glamur.

Second Stop – Pedestrian Boulevard and Orthodox Cathedral
The tour continues along to the main walking boulevard of the city. Now one of the main attractions of the city, the boulevard is organized with 2 sides with shops, restaurants, and bars.

At the end of it, the boulevard will be interrupted by the main Orthodox Cathedral. Built in 1992, straight after the communist period this church holds remarkable artistic and architectural values.

Third Stop – Drilon Natural Park
Leaving Korca, we will continue toward Pogradec. The city is lied under a soft hill, by the shores of Ohrid Lake. This is also how it has got his name from the Slavic Languages. Situated less than 5 Km from Pogradec Drilon, has been the poetic muse of many poets and artists. The magnetic and relaxing atmosphere created from the shallow waters, swamps, and Willow trees make this place very romantic. It is not surprising seeing just married couples shooting their wedding albums there.

Fourth Stop – Village of Tushemisht
Visit in one of the most characteristic villages of all the area. Mainly inhabited by Orthodox, this village is unique in traditions and culture from the rest of others in the area. Known also as part of one of the most well-known movies in Albanian Cinematography it looks like small Venice with the water springs running above the houses.

Fifth Stop – City of Pogradec
In a short stroll, we will be able to visit the old part of the city where some of the old architecture is still preserved, but also the new and more modern part. Especially the long promenade, or Main Boulevard of the city, situated along all Lake shores for years has been the main afternoon attractions for the locals. It is the place where they do their afternoon walking ritual. Return in Tirana in latte afternoon.

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