Top Five Touristic Villages to Visit During Winter in Albania

  1. Valbona Valley
    Valbona Valley is a National Park situated in the northern city of Tropoja and has a surface of 8.000 hectares. The valley gets thousands of visitors during the year but there are some special elements that make this place unique to visit in winter. A crucial reason is that this touristic spot is all covered in snow during winter and for snow-lovers, this would be the perfect place to ski or mountain hiking. Other reason to spend some days in Valbona, is the traditional food of locals in the winter season (very much different from what you can eat in summer).

  1. Voskopoja
    Voskopoja is a very beautiful village, located in Korca district, southeastern Albania, near the Greek border. The main characteristics of this village are the fresh air and the cold water. The quiet nature and the snow that covers the village are the reasons that make hundreds of Albanians to spend Christmas and New Year holidays in Voskopoja. The traditional cuisine and the low prices of hotels and guest houses are the reason why so many Albanian and foreign tourists visit Voskopoja village during winter. Apart from winter sports, tourists may also go hunting in the dense forests near the village.

  1. Razma: The village of Razma is situated about 41 km away from
    Shkodra, northern Albania, the ideal place to practice skiing and mountain alpinism. It has a typical mountain climate. Tourists can either accommodate in hotels or guests houses of locals, which are known for their great values of hospitality. The roasted meat and phyllo dough dishes are unique elements of the village’s traditional cuisine.

  1. Vermosh
    Vermosh village is located at the northernmost point of the Republic of Albania, at a distance of 95 km from Shkodra city. Vermosh village is known for its picturesque panorama and the snow which lasts about 100 days of the year. The traditional food of the zone offers many dairy products such as different kinds of cheese. You can also eat pork, rabbit meat, beans, pickles, grits and pancakes with honey.

  1. Dardha
    Many people say that Dardha village has no more than 40 inhabitants during a normal day. But, many others consider it as the ideal place to spend some quiet and relaxing days, away from the city noises. Located about 20 km away from Korca city, Dardha village offers many opportunities for winter sports. The cheap costs of living or staying in this village for some days make it more attractive than ever.

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