Theth, Albania

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Theth is a small village within Shkodër County, Albania. Following the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Shkodër, and has been declared a Protected Historic Center by the Albanian Government.

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Why Albania's Valbona and Theth Valleys Are a Hiker's Paradise

Discover where to go, what to do, and how to get to Theth, Albania, a remote and once-forbidden hamlet nestled within Albania’s Accursed Mountains.

As you round the bend, your vehicle lurching through space as it attempts to traverse the ungroomed road before you riddled with jagged rocks and boulders, your eyes will surely widen and your jaw will surely part. Serrated, bare, sandstone peaks pierce the cerulean sky like sharp canine teeth, towering over the valley below that expands to the horizon into a swirling, melting glimmer of golden nothingness. Suddenly, you become completely and utterly aware of your position among these peaks, precariously perched on the precipice between awestruck and mesmerized. A wave of peace and serenity washes over your body like the sun bathing the deep expanse below, a sensation of majestic isolation unrivaled by any other. Where are you? Above Theth, Albania in Albania’s Accursed Mountains, of course.

Albania is certainly the most beautiful country you’ve never heard of, filled with towering mountains, pristine beaches, and unique cities. To experience the best of the nation’s unmatched landscapes, be sure to visit the remote village of Theth. The rural settlement is sure to surprise all who visit with friendly people and water bluer than you could ever imagine.

Getting to Theth

Because Theth is so isolated, there are generally only two ways to get there: by foot and by vehicle on one road.

Albania’s beautiful alpine landscape is still quite unknown to tourists and that’s exactly why they remain an untouched paradise for hikers and nature lovers. We take a look at the reasons why you should be booking a trip there soon.

Lots of Great Accommodation Options

If you’re one of those hikers who also likes a bit of comfort then Albania’s Valbona and Theth valleys have lots of great accommodation options that range from camping grounds with a view of the mountains, to pensions with great restaurants. A lot of the locals have also turned their traditional homes into guesthouses, which means you’ll have the chance to live in a traditional Albanian house with local hosts who know the area very well.

Amazing Food

Albania still has a strong rural culture and locals in the Theth and Valbona valleys rely on their own livestock and farms for sustenance. This is why the food in Albania is simply excellent because all the ingredients are acquired by the farmers themselves. That means everything you eat is natural and freshly prepared and always delicious. Tomatoes are fragrant, meat is fresh, and the cheese is homemade.

Beautiful Untouched Nature

If you need to spend some quality time with nature, Albania is the perfect destination. With the sun constantly shining, you’ll be alone with the mountains, forests, streams, birds, and alpine pastures. We recommend taking a lunch with you on your hike so you can take a break at an altitude with a great view and take off your shoes to enjoy it.

Not Too Many Tourists

As mentioned, Albania is still not entirely developed in terms of tourism, which means that during your hike you’ll be able to enjoy your solitude and connection with nature without being disturbed by groups of other hikers and tourists. Of course, you will inevitably come across a few foreigners from Europe, but not so often that it will be an intrusion.

Great Hiking Paths

Apart from the amazing six-hour Valbona Pass that crosses to the Theth Valley through the mountains, the two valleys have their own selection of marked hiking paths that lead to the peaks of the surrounding mountains. You can really spend a whole week in Albania hiking on a daily basis and returning to a warm room and meal in the evening.

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