Saranda, Albania.
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Opposite the Greek island of Corfu, Saranda (Albania) is a quintessential Mediterranean destination, with five months of warm weather and a selection of dreamlike beaches up and down its coast. A typical scene around Saranda is a pebbly bay washed by clear turquoise waters and backed by limestone hills with aromatic scrub and olive trees.

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How to get to Sarande and Ksamil

The very south corner of Albania – the country which is still a black spot on the touristic map of Europe offers, in my opinion, the best beaches in the entire old continent: white sand, tropical color of the clearest possible seas, the exoticism of the area and most friendly locals. Most of the very few individual foreign tourists who get to the beach village of Ksamil arrive by ferry from the neighboring, overcrowded by tourists Greek island – Corfu. I followed the same route. And, I really thought that Corfu is amazing until I set foot in Albania’s shore. My jaw literally dropped. I immediately felt as if I was transferred to one of the tropical, paradise-like postcard spots. It’s a mystery to me how this exceptionally beautiful piece of land lacks any recognition among foreigners. But maybe it’s better this way!

The easiest way to get to Albania from the south is to fly to the Greek Island – Corfu. There are many cheap flights from all over Europe for those seeking sun holidays. Allow 1-2 days to visit the island as it has some interesting points to see apart from the overcrowded resorts. Soon I will also write a post about Corfu.

From Corfu, there is everyday, early morning ferry service to the port city of Sarande in Albania. Apart from the ticket, you will have to pay some taxes and the journey will cost in total around 30 EUR (37 USD). Sarande is located merely 30 km away and it takes around 1 hour to get there.

The ferry turned out to be a small boat and very few people were traveling to Albania (mainly tourists that had bought a one day Albania tour from one of the tourist agencies in Corfu). I wouldn’t recommend a tour like that at all. Albania is so fascinating and diverse that it deserves to be a final destination to all of those who love to explore.

If you wish to travel inside Albania, I would recommend a great tourist company run by a friendly local couple. They have many packages, transport and tours prepared for all kind of travelers (and for every pocket). I traveled with them in Albania and experienced many local, off the beaten path places I would not have otherwise been able to see.

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