Korce (Albania)

Korca, also known as the city of serenades is located in southeastern Albania, closer to the Greek and Macedonian border. Korca gave a major contribution to the historic and cultural development of Albania and it’s home to the first Albanian language school that opened on March 7, 1887. March 7 is observed as the Teacher’s Day in Albania. The first school of Korca, currently the National Education Museum is visited by numerous tourists.

Korca is found 113 km away from Tirana and the road runs through worth visiting locations such as the city of Elbasan, Shebenik-Jabllanica National Park, Lin Village, Ohrid Lake coast, Tushemisht and Pogradec. Another road that connects Korca to Elbasan is expected to be completed soon. It will run along Devolli River, an area that is turning into a tourist attraction thanks to the infrastructural development that followed the construction of Banja and Moglica hydropower plants.

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