Top 15 best beaches in Albania

Table of Contents 1 Rana e Hedhun (Shengjin) 2 Grama Bay (Karaburun Peninsula – Vlore) 3 Zhanpovel Beach (Karaburun Peninsula – Vlore) 4 Saint Jani Beach (Karaburun Peninsula- Vlore) 5 Dafina Bay (Karaburun Peninsula – Vlore) 6 Bristani Bay (Karaburun Peninsula- Vlore) 7 Inglezi Bay (Karaburun Peninsula- Vlore) 8 Saint Andreu Bay (Karaburun Peninsula- Vlore) 9 Gjipe Beach & Canyon 10 Filikuri Beach (Himara) 11 Krorez […]

15 Best Things to Do in Shkodra (Albania)

Close to the border with Montenegro, Shkodra in Albania is the point of entry for the sublime natural landscapes in almost every direction from the city. East is Drin River that flows through canyons, right to the west is the Adriatic Sea and its sandy beaches, and northeast are the Albanian Alps where the country’s  tallest […]

15 Best Things to Do in Vlora (Albania)

Vlore is a harbour city that holds special meaning for Albanians, as this is where the country declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire at the start of the 20th century. So you can take a whistle-stop tour of monuments and museums celebrating the statesman Ismail Qemali’s first government, and in doing so get to […]

10 Best Things (Places) to Do in Saranda (Albania)

Opposite the Greek island of Corfu, Saranda (Albania) is a quintessential Mediterranean destination, with five months of warm weather and a selection of dreamlike beaches up and down its coast. A typical scene around Saranda is a pebbly bay washed by clear turquoise waters and backed by limestone hills with aromatic scrub and olive trees. […]

Arrive/Depart Albania

Arriving and Departing Albania Planes Mother Teresa International Airport is located 15 minutes drive from Tirana and is Albania’s only international airport. It is served by various airlines, Alitalia, Austrian, Belle Air, British Airways, Germanwings, and Lufthansa. Transport options to/from Mother Teresa International Airport are taxi or bus. Taxis are plentiful and cost 2,000-2,500 Leke […]

Books, Documentaries

‘The Albanians: A Modern History’, is a thorough history book of the Albanian people, the Albanian language, struggles and collapses of powers; internal, communist isolation and external religions, kings, sultans, World War I, WWII, Yugoslavia…      ‘The Albanians’ also highlights personal triumph of the Albanian people, their courage, their determination, and compassion through troubled pasts. If […]

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