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Shengjin Beach (Albania)

Shengjin Beach (Albania) Shëngjin is in Lezhe.Shengjin is a growing beach town located in Northwest Albania well known for its Adriatic coastline and tourist accommodations. Shengjin is quickly becoming one of the must see locations in Albania for day trippers or those looking for a relaxing getaway by the coast. Shëngjin is the northernmost port of entry to Albania. […]

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Things to Do in Korce (Albania)

Korca, also known as the city of serenades is located in southeastern Albania, closer to the Greek and Macedonian border. Korca gave a major contribution to the historic and cultural development of Albania and it’s home to the first Albanian language school that opened on March 7, 1887. March 7 is observed as the Teacher’s […]

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Pogradec (Albania)

One of the most up-and-coming places to visit in Albania is Pogradec, which can be found on the shores of Lake Ohrid in the east of the nation. Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake in the Balkan region and while the Macedonian side of the lake is more popular, Albania’s shore is definitely on the […]

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Lake Koman (Albania)

For the most breathtaking scenery in the entire Balkans, visiting Lake Koman in Albania should be on anyone’s bucket list. Often described as one of the world’s great boat trips, the journey takes visitors from the hydro-electric dam at Koman to the port of Fierza. While the locals that use the boat regularly may now […]

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Apollonia (Albania)

Apollonia was once one of the most important cities in the world, and as such it is a must for anyone visiting Albania for the first time. Found in the heart of Albania, within easy reach from the city of Fier, Apollonia’s ruins are breathtaking and the views from this part of the country are […]

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Ksamil Islands (Albania)

The highlight of the Albanian Riviera is perhaps the Ksamil Islands, a remote group of three small islands located just off the coast, accessible only by boat from the small town of Ksamil. Part of the larger Butrint National Park, the Ksamil Islands are a fantastic example of Albania at its most untouched and unspoiled. […]

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Theth (Albania)

Away from Albania’s biggest cities, in the north of the country, is Theth. Located high in the Albanian Alps, Theth is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and it is easy to see why. Theth National Park is perhaps the most beautiful place in all of Albania, with its Grunas Waterfall and the Lock-in […]

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Kruja (Albania)

Located a short trip away from the capital Tirana, Kruja is a must-visit spot for anyone heading to Albania for the first time. Kruja is home to the national ethnographic museum, but it is best known for being where the Skanderbeg museum can be found. Located in the Kruja castle, the museum is one of […]

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Best Things to Do in Gjirokastra (Albania)

A Unesco city, Gjirokastra is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in Albania. Unique Ottoman period architecture – with houses designed like small castles – can be found all over Gjirokastra, which has a military museum and art gallery in its amazing castle that dominates the skyline. A folklore festival also […]