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– Albania is one of the few countries in the world so close to the West who still maintains historic roots in every day life. Feel free to ask us any pre-trip questions and where the best attractions are. We’re here to help!

stunningalbania.com wants to ensure your trip to Albania is safe and adventurous!

Albania is a small, Mauntainous country in the balkan peninsula with a long Adriatic and Lonian coastline. Albania has a popullation of 3.2 ml people which mostly live in the lively Capital City Tirana. The language is Albanian, however English is also widely undertoon as well as Italian.  The currency is Albanian Lekë, hoever Euros are widely accepted.

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Albania is an undiscovered and unspoiled pearl in the Peninsula where you can enjoy over 270 plus days of sun, we want to put Albania on the map as the destination for people to have an amazian relaxing holiday with their family and friends, while enjoying our rich culture and Amazing historic sights.


Our mission is to cater for everyone of our guests need, we will always put our guests interests, needs and wellbeing first, we will always go out of our way to make sure we deliver a sarisfactory and enjoyable experience in our stunning country.


Hispitality in our amazing country comes naturally from a very young age where would sit around the table with our guests in our home, pouring them tea, coffee and raki which is our national home made alcoholic drink, Where we would sit in our home and amazing country warm and welcoming nation, we love having guest and looking after them and making sure they feel welcomed in our home, our amazing country and our rich tradition.


With nearly 500km of coastline abutting expanses of rugged mountains, centuries of Ottoman rule and a brief but impactful Italian rule, Albania – and indeed its cuisine – is...

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Shengjin Beach (Albania) Shëngjin is in Lezhe.Shengjin is a growing beach town located in Northwest Albania well known for its Adriatic coastline and tourist accommodations. Shengjin is quickly becoming one of...

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Velipoja beach and its curative sand Velipoja is a famous beach in Albania for the quality of its curative sand. Close by, is the lagoon of Viluni and the alluvial island...

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Valbona Valley Valbona Valley is a National Park situated in the northern city of Tropoja and has a surface of 8.000 hectares. The valley gets thousands of visitors during...

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Increasingly becoming a popular vacation destination, Albania as a whole is a unique and beautiful country that is certainly worth a visit for its off-the-beaten-path character. For a full...

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  Whether you’re a culture vulture, mountain goat, lake lover, or beach bum, Albania is sure to offer even the choosiest of travelers an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime....

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